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SKIN’s equipment course

Zaterdag, 14 april van 10:00 tot 16:00
Locatie: Ontmoetingskerk, Slangenburg 3, Dordrecht

SKIN’s equipment course for leaders of migrant and international churches

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This year SKIN will be organizing an equipment course for leaders of migrant and international churches. This Biblical and practical course is being developed by Christian experts with a rich intercultural living and working experience in The Netherlands and abroad.

By means of this interactive training we want to equip church leaders, pastors and elders to lead their faith communities in The Netherlands more effectively, while maintaining their own identity. By following this course we hope that they will have a greater and more constructive impact on the daily life and work of the church members, in the colorful Dutch society. Moreover, we want to advance the relation and exchange between diverse churches for building up and strengthening the Body of Christ in the regional context.

The dates, subjects and trainers are mentioned below.

Saturday 14 April

First part (Introduction): Short presentations about the educational programs offered by the trainers and their educational institutions and initiatives, the trainers and participants get acquainted with each other. Second part: The missional immigrant church

1st part: all trainers are invited.

2nd part: dr. Daniel S. H. Ahn, visiting scholar at VU University Amsterdam,


Saturday 5 May:

Preaching and teaching the Word of God

dr. Raffic Osman, Amsterdam Bible Academy,


Saturday 12 May

Discipleship: training others to become spiritually mature disciples of Jesus Christ

drs. Douwe Semmelink, discipleship and leadership training,


Saturday 26 May

First part: The Biblical culture, (the culture of) God’s kingdom and the relation between God’s kingdom and human cultures

Second part: The pastor’s self-care

1st part: drs. Douwe Semmelink

2nd part: dr. Daniel S. H. Ahn


Saturday 2 June

Youth ministry

Ms. Jetteke Noordzij, ‘De Jongerenwerkersopleiding’: youth workers educational program of De



Saturday 16 June

Church history and church traditions

First part: Church history and church traditions in The Netherlands

Second part: History of world Christianity

1st part: dr. Sjaak van ’t Kruis, advisor of SKIN

2nd part: dr. Daniel S. H. Ahn


Saturday 23 June

Cross-cultural training – part 1: Biblical and practical foundation of culture and cultural differences, being a local intercultural church in practice.

ir. Rien van der Toorn, intercultural communication training and outreach, and Tyndale Theological Seminary,


Saturday 30 June

Cross-cultural training – part 2: Different world views (mainly the Islamic and secularized world views) and how to deal with them, contextualization

ir. Rien van der Toorn


Saturday 1 September

Cross-cultural pastoral care – part 1:

First part: Addictions, divorce and remarriage, sickness and healing

Second part: Conflict resolution

1st part: Mrs. Sara van der Toorn, intercultural communication training and outreach,

2nd part: Mrs. Annet Alagbe-Speelberg, Bureau Speelberg,


Saturday 8 September

Cross-cultural pastoral care – part 2: Dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse

Mrs. Annet Alagbe-Speelberg


Saturday 15 September

Biblical and practical leadership

drs. Douwe Semmelink


Saturday 29 September

Church management (daily management of a local church) - How to lead a council of elders? - Church discipline - Liturgy - Church administration - Finances (Biblical view)

drs. Douwe Semmelink


Saturday 20 October

First part: Integral mission

Second part: Fundraising for churches

1st part: dr. Moses Alagbe, Amsterdam Bible Academy,

2nd part: mr. drs. Huub Lems


Saturday 3 November

First part: Towards an Intercultural Methodology for a Theology of Migration (a Biblical perspective) Second part: Serving the unity of the Body of Christ

1st part: dr. Jorge E. Castillo Guerra, Radbound University Nijmegen, stillo-guerra-j/

2nd part: Mr. Hubert van Beek, former secretary of the Global Christian Forum,


Saturday 10 November

Building up of strong, healthy Christian families

First part: Christian marriage

Second part: The Christian upbringing of children

1st part: drs. Douwe Semmelink

2nd part: dr. Moses Alagbe


Saturday 24 November

Final presentations by the participants, granting of proofs of participation

All trainers, participants and their spouses are invited.


Location: Ontmoetingskerk, Slangenburg 3, 3328 DN Dordrecht,

Time: 10:00-16:00 (including lunch and two tea/coffee breaks)

Language: English

Costs: €150,- per participant for the whole course (16 course days, including course materials and catering)

Registration and contact:, 06 49 63 33 58

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