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maandag, 18 november 2019

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profession of migrant pastors

Terug naar het overzichtdonderdag, 21 april 2016

The Center for Migrant Churches and Theology (CMCT) plans the start of an academic educational program for the profession of migrant pastors and church leaders by September 1st 2016.

 For this purpose a one-year post-graduate program (60 EC) is designed commissioned by SKIN (Samen Kerk in Nederland). The CMCT is a collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU University Amsterdam) and SKIN (Samen Kerk in Nederland). The admission requirement for student participation in this program is a demonstrable finished MA. The MA can be in Theology but also students with an MA in any other academic field are welcomed.

The curriculum focuses on the further development of knowledge and skills needed for those who like to become migrant pastors or church leaders. The program is recognized by the Dutch government and allows also for professions provided by the government like pastor in a hospital, pastor in the army, the prison, university pastor and other institutions like youth work. Also the migrant pastor and church leader program equips for mission work, evangelism and church planting. Not only migrant Christians will be studying at the CMCT, but also non-immigrant students from other disciplines as well as from other universities.

For more information about this program please read the attached document.

We would like to register students in April, May and June 2016, preferably as soon as possible. For registration please contact associate professor Peter Roelofsma, coordinator of the Center for Migrant Churches and Theology and the one-year post-graduate program:

E-mail address:
Mobile number: +31(0)6 55 39 39 60