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maandag, 18 november 2019

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vrijdag, 1 november 2019
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Vacatures WCRC

Terug naar het overzichtdinsdag, 4 april 2017

Graag maken we hier melding van twee interessante vacatures bij WCRC.

The World Communion of Reformed Churches believes that communion and justice belong together within its theology, witness and work as part of one integrated whole. Therefore the programme work of the executive secretaries for Justice & Witness and Communion & Theology are not to be separated but instead are to be undergirded and integrated into a dynamic team relationship, while maintaining clear lead responsibilities on the part of each Executive Secretary.

This integrated approach is part of the context in working in a fully collaborative, cooperative and collective team with the General Secretary, executive staff group and other staff. The executive staff group, in turn, embraces a full participatory and empowering working style with the officers, Executive Committee and Regional Councils of the WCRC. All of this is rooted in active participation in God’s mission as lived out in the work of the WCRC as mandated by its General Council and guided by its constitution and bylaws.

The WCRC’s work embraces the commitment of the organization rooted in the Accra Confession and supported by other contributions from the Reformed tradition, such as the Belhar Confession. The programme priorities and emphases of the executive secretaries follow from the mandate of the General Council as interpreted by the Executive Committee. The arrangement of specific responsibilities and the staffing structure are open to review, especially through the strategic planning process, and can be adapted by the General Secretary and approved by the Executive Committee.

Currently the WCRC has a General Secretary, two Executive Secretaries for specific programmes, and an Executive Secretary for Communications. The WCRC office in Hannover, Germany, is an international one that shows our commitment to reflect the diversity of the Communion (even as English is the common language used). As such, qualified applicants from the Global South and women are especially encouraged to apply for these positions.

Executive secretaries are appointed by the WCRC Executive Committee to serve a term of five years. They shall be eligible for one renewal for an additional five year term. Duties will begin on 1 January 2018.

Applications are due by 30 April 2017 and should be sent to General Secretery Chris Ferguson at: (queries about the search process should be sent to the same address). Applications will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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