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Oecumenelezing 2020: Op zoek naar geloofwaardige identiteit

van 15:00 tot 17:30

Week van Gebed 2020

19 januari tot 26 januari

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van 09:30 tot 16:00
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EEMA-conferentie: Diaspora, Empire and the Kingdom of God

Van 25 november 16:00 tot 27 november 14:00
Locatie: Budapest, Hungary

Mission to, through, with and from the Diaspora Church in Europe

As you will be aware, this year's EEMA conference will be investigating the phenomen of diaspora churches in Europe - whether they are planted by ethnic Europeans migrating within the continent or by people originating in other continents - and asking how these churches navigate between becoming assimilated by the host culture, remaining isolated outposts of their culture of origin or endeavour to develop a 'kingdom' culture that transcends both.

John Baxter-Brown, one of our speakers, writes:
"The intention is to use this conference to kick-start a process for the next three to five years to explore the issue in more depth, listening to diaspora voices, learning from the people involved, and seeking to find constructive ways to facilitate both greater engagement between diaspora churches and European indigenous churches and to promote greater partnership in mission."

We hope hope to achieve several outcomes from the conference:

  • Firstly, that sufficient energy and interest will be created for a process of ongoing engagement with diaspora churches;
  • Secondly, that we can identify potential researchers – and sources of funding – so that we can commission some research into diaspora churches and missions across Europe;
  • Thirdly, that participants will have gained greater awareness and understanding of the issues, and, therefore, fourthly, that they can begin to identify future areas of change and work.

Our speakers will include Tayo Arikawe (London City Mission), John Baxter Brown (Global Connections), Usha Reifsnider (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) and Alex Vlasin (University of Bucharest).

Venue: Hotel Benczur, Budapest
Dates: 25.11.19 (start at 1600) - 27.11.19 (finish at 1400)
Cost: €260 (single room); €215 (twin)

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