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NIM Symposium 2019

Vrijdag, 4 oktober van 13:30 tot 17:30
Locatie: Senaatszaal, Radboud Universiteit, Comeniuslaan 2, Nijmegen

Western secularization and reversed Christian mission: New challenges and opportunities in a globalized age

This symposium is dedicated to the changing landscape of Christianity in the Western world, especially focusing on the twin dynamics of secularization and reversed mission. Many new questions have emerged concerning these twin dynamics and the general diversification of expressions of Christianity especially in the urban centers, such as: What are the potential opportunities and challenges regarding the new forms of intercultural, ecclesial and ecumenical exchange? How can traditional ecclesial institutions and theological educational institutions positively influence the ongoing process of transformation, especially as they mediate between established religious traditions and ocntemporary religious movements? What can we learn from one another? How shall we understanding the dynamics of transformation, interpret them and respond to them? This symposium will focus on these issues while also providing an opportunity to introduce a recently published collection of essays in the series Studies in World Christianity and Interreligious Relations (Routledge) that interprets and responds to the changing context of Christianity in the Western world today.


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