EEA digital GA: Liberating truth. The power of discipleship

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Our Theme for 2023

Bible reflection, reflecting on the mission of the church in Europe, fellowship, sharing from the regions, connecting with EEA, its partners and staff, will be in line with the theme “Liberating Truth – The Power of Discipleship”.

We live in times of post-truth and twisted narratives. Over time, misconceptions have easily filtered into the way we think and see mission. Together, we will be revisiting the Five Marks of Mission as a way to ground ourselves in Truth, while uncovering myths, misconception and fears. Jesus set us free, and brings Liberating Truth to each of his disciples, and to the discipleship of the Church.

Organizational Specifics

The General Assembly is a virtual conference which will be held on Zoom.

The official EEA Members Meeting will take place within the General Assembly (same Zoom link), on the morning of October 7. Only EEA members (National Evangelical Alliances and Affiliate Members) are allowed to vote in the Members Meeting.

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