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maandag, 23 december 2019

Opkomende Missionaire Bewegingen

maandag, 18 november 2019
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TussenRuimte is an ecumenical quarterly for intercultural theology edited by a group of Dutch and Belgian theologians and social scientists.
The word TussenRuimte refers to the space between people of different cultures, traditions and generations. This name was chosen in the belief that in the encounter between different people new insight is gained and new space is created for the Gospel.

  • TussenRuimte promotes room for people’s own distinctiveness and yet openness to one another.
  • TussenRuimte uses journalistic and theological approaches to shed light on issues concerning religion, mission and ecumenism.
  • TussenRuimte provides a podium for voices from all denominations and religions and engages them in a dialogue.
  • TussenRuimte relates global developments and local initiatives, giving specific attention to individual stories of transformation.
  • TussenRuimte is a joint publication of the Netherlands Mission Council, Missio Belgium, the United Protestant Church in Belgium and Kok ten Have publishing house.