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maandag, 23 december 2019

Opkomende Missionaire Bewegingen

maandag, 18 november 2019
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The Netherlands Mission Council (NZR) is a nationwide network of Protestant and Old Catholic churches and organisations that are active in mission and evangelism. The NZR facilitates encounter between ecumenical and evangelical missions; between church-based and faith missions; between established churches and migrant churches.


        Functions of the NZR


  • The NZR is an advisory body for its participating churches and organisations.
  • The NZR facilitates communication and encounter between those churches and organisations.
  • The NZR helps them reflect on missiological issues, by organising lectures and consultations and by publishing a journal for intercultural theology.
  • The NZR feeds international trends in mission into the national context and vice versa.
  • The NZR is occasionally involved in initiating and coordinating joint missionary action.
  • The NZR shares in the missional work of the World Council of Churches on behalf of its participating churches and organisations.
  • The NZR is an observer and ally of international evangelical bodies such as the European Missionary Alliance and World Evangelical Alliance.
  • The NZR sustains relations with other national and international ecumenical bodies such as the National Council of Churches (RvK) and other European mission councils.
  • The NZR occasionally serves as a representative of missionary organisations to the government.