Publicatie Arusha Call to Discipleship

Kenneth Ross heeft een boekje gepubliceerd over de Arusha Call to Discipleship. Het is uitgegeven in de reeks WCC publications onder de titel Mission Rediscovered: Transforming Disciples. A Commentary on the Arusha Call to Discipleship.

This book offers a commentary on the Arusha Call to Discipleship, unpacking the meaning of its 12-part summons. It provides an up-to-date theological and missiological view on a major ecumenical mission document with a personal reflection on the state of the world desperately in need of change and transformation. It intends to be a key resource for discovering what it means to become what Pope Francis described as “missionary disciples”. Primarily meant for individuals and study groups in churches, mission agencies and theological institutions, it is a useful tool for anyone interested in the ecumenical mission movement and World Christianity.

Het boekje is via deze website integraal in te zien en te downloaden.